Amo creare con le mie mani. In particolare dipingere è un esercizio che mi appassiona e che mi accompagna da sempre.

Mi libera la mente dai problemi quotidiani. E poi mi piace l’odore acre della trementina, mista a quello dei colori ad olio.

I soggetti che preferisco sono i paesaggi della mia terra umbra, i ricordi di paesaggi che ho visto , le mie galline, le mie terrecotte antiche, nature morte ma vive e piene di colore.

Dipingo semplici cose della vita quotidiana che mi circonda, soggetti semplici, ma che appesi ad una parete sono capaci di trasmettere sensazioni ed emozioni.

Antonello Radi’s world is infinitely diverse and bountiful.

As a lover of art and of beauty in all its forms, Antonello is fascinated with craft, where individual vision shapes the human impulse to create.

Eclectic in the purest sense, he is well versed in ancient and modern art, but it is his love for antiques that informs his artistic sensibilities.


He surrounds himself with objects that go unnoticed by others. Through an innate sense for the lives that objects embody, and the witness they bear though time, he sees what should be treasured kept and used.

He envisions his found objects in they rightful place; he collects so that forgotten objects become precious again.

As a lover of nature , and as an artist in harmony with nature, he prefers everyday motifs, animated in lively stokes: flowers, vegetables, markets, simple scenes from life.


Unpretentious, exempt from formal constraints and totally authentic, they express a unique vision.

A vibrant palette lends immediacy to his tableaus and conveys a singular voice, channeling the profound humanism of the Italian artistic tradition.

For Antonello, life is art, and art is everywhere. He immerses himself in the world with abandon, to share his rare gift, his own evocative experience, drawn from nature.

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